Material pressure regulators are designed to reduce or maintain at a constant level the builtup liquid pressures in line systems or at tapping points. They are also, and in particular, suitable for media with viscosities or corrosive, aggressive or abrasive effects that place high demands on the properties of the unit.

The use of high-grade materials ensure that the regulator is suitable for almost all dyes, paints, staining agents, adhesives, dispersions, oils, glazing agents, enamels etc. All material pressure regulators made of stainless steel are also suitable for special applications in the food industry as well as for the processing of water-soluble paints.

Special spring systems ensure maximum control precision, particularly in the low pressure range. Krautzberger offers suitable material back pressure regulators for use in circulation systems.

Various compressed air regulators, maintenance units, compressed air filters, mist lubricators and air distribution blocks are available.